Physical Stress: When enough is enough

We talk a lot about stress in our world.  Our schedules, our jobs, our relationships and our economic concerns all combine to give us a measure of stress.  Some of us handle stress like champs; getting through it, getting over it and moving on.  Others of us slosh through it like its quicksand.

 Dr. Bryant Ponchot, D.C.   

In most cases, we are our own worst enemies.  We don’t sleep enough, our diets are poor, we smoke, drink and use drugs inappropriately.  At other times our enemies are elements we can’t control as well:  pollution, heat, humidity, crowded conditions, and even excessive noise.

Finally, the physical exertion of everyday life may cause us stress:  exercise (or the lack of), repetitive motion, injury (think snow shoveling or accidents) and even sudden movements can produce physical stress and pain.

Comfort Chiropractic and Massage can help.  Very simply:  chiropractic adjustments can keep those physical stressors away and identify those conditions in your life that may also contribute to your sense of wellbeing. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of adjustments and massages:

·         Pain Relief:  Your Chiropractor can easily identify troubled areas with your spine and other joints that, with a very few treatments, may be corrected and help reduce or eliminate pain.

·         Maintenance Care:  Your care plan can help prevent many injuries by helping your body correctly distribute its load.  Suggestions such as beneficial sleeping positions, proper stretching exercises and ergonomically correct movement can also help alleviate future difficulties.

·         Wellness:  Other benefits may include reduced blood pressure, improved sleep, a brighter disposition, and less tension.

·         Motivation:  Each visit may include reminders and encouragement to continue on your path to wellness. 


While no one can completely escape stress, how we handle stress is the key.  Consider Comfort Chiropractic and Massage as one more tool in your toolbox to help combat physical stress.  Call us for an evaluation today!